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ActoGeniX announces positive results from a phase 1B study PDF

ActoGeniX announces positive results from a phase 1B study of AG013 for the prevention of oral mucositis in cancer patients

15/09/2011- ActoGeniX, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of ActoBiotics, a novel class of orally administered and locally acting biopharmaceuticals, has announced the results of a Phase 1B study evaluating the AG013 oral rinsing solution for the prevention of Oral Mucositis in head and neck cancer patients receiving chemo-induction therapy.

AG013 was proven safe and well tolerated. Analysis of initial efficacy showed a 35% reduction of the percentage of days with ulcerative oral mucositis in the AG013-treated patients versus the placebo-treated patients. Furthermore, close to 30% of patients treated with AG013 were full responders (defined as no or 1 day of ulcerative oral mucositis) while all placebo-treated patients developed ulcerative oral mucositis.